Son Poems

A mother missing her only son. whom they say commited suicide but my heart say different. 01/01/09 The Day Ollie Went To Heaven.

 On january 1, 2009 the angels came to earth and took my son Ollie by the hand and carried him away. But in the stillness of that night, I could hear him say. ” My dear mama I will miss you, you ment the world to me. But mama JESUS has called me home to his side. In Heaven is where I’ll be. Mama I’ll be in a place of God’s beauty no Tears or Earthly cares. Only Peace and Joy forever, with much love beyond compare. So mama I want you to remember all the good times we have shared together, and mama don’t think about all the sad or the bad ones, and mama always treasure all our special moments and memories that we shared together throughout the years, you and I, and mama if you would just put your  hope in JESUS. This I can promise you mama this and more. You will get a great Big Hug from me Ollie your one and only son someday on the Golden Shores of Heaven.” I Love You Ollie Mama


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