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Poem About A Cousin

OK, so this poem is written in memory of Sean who was killed November 15, 2009 by his father… ɛ you SEAN… SEAN was such a great kid if you ever got the chance to know him you would be going through a lot of pain yourself… Sean will be missed.

 Sean even though you are gone, from right here in front of me, you will forever remain in my heart. We all miss you and cannot wait to reunite with you on the other side, of heavens gates. To hug you, to kiss you, to hold you, to see your smile. you are so very missed down here on earth. 14 years old when your father, took your precious life. Sean hope you’re playing, all those sports up in heaven. once we all get there, we can all see, how much God has taught you. Miss you so much, love your big cuz…. TE AMO seanie-boo!! see you again in heaven.


Son Poems

A mother missing her only son. whom they say commited suicide but my heart say different. 01/01/09 The Day Ollie Went To Heaven.

 On january 1, 2009 the angels came to earth and took my son Ollie by the hand and carried him away. But in the stillness of that night, I could hear him say. ” My dear mama I will miss you, you ment the world to me. But mama JESUS has called me home to his side. In Heaven is where I’ll be. Mama I’ll be in a place of God’s beauty no Tears or Earthly cares. Only Peace and Joy forever, with much love beyond compare. So mama I want you to remember all the good times we have shared together, and mama don’t think about all the sad or the bad ones, and mama always treasure all our special moments and memories that we shared together throughout the years, you and I, and mama if you would just put your  hope in JESUS. This I can promise you mama this and more. You will get a great Big Hug from me Ollie your one and only son someday on the Golden Shores of Heaven.” I Love You Ollie Mama

Poem About Dying

I had a near death experience a while back, and to get over it I sat down and wrote. I wondered what it would of been like, if I really did die so I wrote about that.

Flash of wight light
Now I’m freaking out
It’s not right
Making you wanna shout. 

Flashing lights
Sirens blasting all around
Can see everything from this height
I’m not to be found.

Tears falling
off eyes of water
on phones calling
there’s one less daughter.

I don’t mean to be a bother
but I miss you my father
I give you my life
In high hopes you’ll live right.

I love you
I miss you
Just keep on love
and please remember I’m just right above.

Poem About Heaven

Hey my name is abirami and I love writing poetry. It is my favorite type of literacy, and I hope every one enjoys my poetry.

A slow chill of coldness creeps upon you,
and you slowly feel a slight shiver.
You’re wondering if it is true,
you have left the real world to the underworld 

a place that is dark and dull
a place of cold and mourning
a place that can not even be shown by a skull
a slow groan comes from ahead.

The building of judgment stands
a long queue of pale transparent souls
holes in there body and no hands
I join at the end of the line.

It probably took half a day
until it was the decision to where I go,
do I stay hear? Do I get my own say,
or do I go to the happy place called heaven.

Finally I meet the thing,
the thing they call death
he gave his bell a ring
I step forward.

He stands twice my height
three times my width
(probably ten times my weight)
“hello” he said, “now where shall I put you?”